Dr.-Ing. Heather Twaddle

Research Focus

  • Research and modeling of the movement of bicyclists in urban areas and the interaction between bicyclists and other road users

Curriculum Vitae

Work experience

since 2012Technical University of Munich
Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control
2011Munich Transport and Tariff Association (MVV)
2009 – 2011 Technical University of Munich
Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control
Research Assistant
2009 University of Calgary, Canada
Research Assistant
2006 – 2007 Stantec Consulting Ltd, Canada


2011Master of Science in Transportation Systems
Technical University of Munich
2009 Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering University of Calgary Canada


  • Transportation Systems Project Seminar
  • Traffic Control - Extension


  • Twaddle, Heather A.: Development of tactical and operational behaviour models for bicyclists based on automated video data analysis. Dissertation, 2017 more…
  • Motamedidehkordi, N.; Twaddle, H..; Hoffmann, S.; Busch, F.: Überwachtes maschinelles Lernen zur Imitation des menschlichen Fahrverhaltens für automatisierte Fahrzeuge. 8. Tagung Fahrerassistenz: Einführung hochautomatisiertes Fahren, 2017 more…
  • Twaddle, Heather; Grigoropoulos, Georgios; Busch, Fritz: Integration of an external bicycle model in SUMO. SUMO 2016 – Traffic, Mobility, and Logistics Proceedings, 2016, 93-102 more…
  • Amini, Sasan; Twaddle, Heather; Leonhardt, Axel: Modelling of the tactical path selection of bicyclists at signalized intersections. Transportation Research Board 95th Annual Meeting, 2016 more…
  • Twaddle, Heather; Grigoropoulos, Georgios: Modeling the speed, acceleration and deceleration of bicyclists for microscopic simulation. Transportation Research Board 95th Annual Meeting, 2016 more…
  • Margreiter, M.; Twaddle, H.; Lüßmann, J.; Krause, S.: Evaluation of Environmental Impacts of Adaptive Network Signal Controls based on Real Vehicle Trajectories. mobil.TUM 2014 - Sustainable Mobility in Metropolitan Regions, 2014International Scientific Conference more…
  • Twaddle, Heather; Schendzielorz, Tobias; Fakler, Oliver; Amini, Sasan: Use of automated video analysis for the evaluation of bicycle movement and interaction. Proc. SPIE 9026, Video Surveillance and Transportation Imaging Applications 2014, 2014 more…
  • Twaddle, H., Schendzielorz, T., Fakler, O.: Bicycles in urban areas: Review of existing methods for modeling behavior. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2014, 140-146 more…
  • Twaddle, Heather: Stated preference survey design and pre-test for valuing influencing factors for bicycle use. Master thesis, 2011 more…
  • Twaddle, Heather; Hall, Fred; Bracic, Blanka: Latent Bicycle Commuting Demand and Effects of Gender on Commuter Cycling and Accident Rates. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2010 more…

Supervised Theses

  • Kazakovtsev, Stefan: Design and Evaluation of Signal Coordination for Bicyclists within the Framework of Different Traffic Control Policies. Master Thesis. Start: 3.5.2017; End: 2.11.2017. Mentoring: Dr. Twaddle, Grigoropoulos. Abstract.
  • Grabke, Hanna: Analysis of the composition of bicycle traffic in Munich using onsite data collection. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 1.6.2017; End: 31.10.2017. Mentoring: Dr. Twaddle. Abstract.
  • Hertle, Christof: Design and evaluation of a Green Wave for bicyclists in microscopic traffic simulation. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 13.4.2017; End: 12.9.2017. Mentoring: Twaddle, Grigoropoulos. Abstract.
  • Pries, Anna Lea: Study of bicycle-friendly traffic control through a survey. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 15.4.2017; End: 14.9.2017. Mentoring: Twaddle. Abstract.
  • Riedmaier, Michael: Literature Review of Evaluation Methodologies for Bicycle Facilities. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 22.12.2016; End: 31.3.2017. Mentoring: Twaddle, Grigoropoulos. Abstract.
  • Vier, Gabriel: Investigation of the length and dissolving rate of bicycle queues at signalised intersections. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 10.11.2016; End: 31.3.2017. Mentoring: Twaddle, Dr. Dumler. Abstract.
  • Kindler, Veronika: Analysis of international bicycle crash data in comparison with local bicycle infrastructure types and bicycle use. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 15.7.2016; End: 14.12.2016. Mentoring: Twaddle.
  • Scholz, Martin: Analysis of the tactical behavior of bicyclists using an onsite questionnaire. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 1.5.2016; End: 16.9.2016. Mentoring: Twaddle.
  • Arman, Hilal: Literature Review for the Analysis and Evaluation of the effects of countdown timers on traffic. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 23.3.2016; End: 22.8.2016. Mentoring: Grigoropoulos, Twaddle. Abstract.
  • Zafeiriou, Paraskevi: Analysis of the gap acceptance behavior of vehicle drivers with conflicting streams of bicycles at signal controlled intersections. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 15.11.2015; End: 21.4.2016. Mentoring: Twaddle.
  • Fackler, Anna-Lena: Analysis of the gap acceptance behavior of bicyclists with conflicting streams of pedestrians at signal controlled intersections. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 16.9.2015; End: 13.1.2016. Mentoring: Twaddle, Krause. Abstract.
  • Grigoropoulos, Georgios: Extension, implementation and validation of a driver model for bicycles in VISSIM. Master Thesis. Start: 15.4.2015; End: 5.11.2015. Mentoring: Twaddle, Dr. Hoffmann. Abstract.
  • Schnorpfeil, Tobias: State-of-the art in science and technology for bicycle simulators. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 1.6.2015; End: 31.10.2015. Mentoring: Twaddle.
  • Köhler, Olivia: Data analysis for the evaluation of impacts of a highly automated vehicle guidance system on traffic flow. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 31.10.2014; End: 31.3.2015. Mentoring: Twaddle.
  • Amini, Sasan: Modelling of the tactical path selection of bicyclists at urban intersections. Master Thesis. Start: 1.7.2014; End: 31.12.2014. Mentoring: Twaddle.
  • Tahedl, Julia: Measuring the operational behaviour of bicyclists at stop lines at signal controlled intersections. Master Thesis. Start: 1.5.2014; End: 14.11.2014. Mentoring: Twaddle.
  • Szanto, Agnes: Effect of the Bicycle Traffic on the Capacity of the Road Network and Intersections. Master Thesis. Start: 22.2.2013; End: 22.8.2013. Mentoring: Twaddle.
  • Aitken, Ricardo: Analysis of Factors Leading to Rule Breaking Behaviour of Bicyclists at Urban Intersections. Master Thesis. Start: 25.2.2013; End: 9.7.2013. Mentoring: Schendzielorz, Twaddle. Abstract.
  • Daniel, Patricia: Model-Development for analysing influences on acceptance and safety in urban cycling. Master Thesis. Start: 18.12.2012; End: 17.4.2013. Mentoring: Twaddle, Gerstenberger. Abstract.
  • Gehm, August: Modelling Bicycle Traffic using a Macroscopic Traffic Model: An Example of the City of Dachau. Master Thesis. Start: 2.11.2012; End: 15.4.2013. Mentoring: Dr. Dumler, Twaddle. Abstract.